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(first bf anon) It's ok in high school he came out as gay so now i feel bad but he didnt have to make me feel bad for liking him

Want him do set him on fire for you, friend?? uw u

one time i was at the ymca with my first boyfriend and I told him I liked him a lot and he said that was gross so i kicked him in the shin and when his mom asked what happened i glared at him and he lied and said he fell

smh ur first boyfriend was garbage man what

Hey I'm a little lost... In your eyes, beautiful




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I think I like the idea of you being a robot better

I’m a mermaid






but hey at least my turtle likes selfies

your turtle likes selfies??? ok

but how about some


puns??? in my house??????/

come here ilu

yes!!! ilu too friend!!


Hey! Um, you were taking prompts so, a coffee shop BelaLiech, please?


Ah, it’s no problem! I love writing for this pairing!
Thank you for the prompt! *huggles you*
Also- to anyone else who requested a fic, I’m going to try to get one more out in the next couple of hours. From then on I’m going to be very busy this week, but I will write them, I promise! I’ll probably post them all at once early next week, I apologize for the delay! *smooches all of your cute little faces*


"Hello, and welcome to Morning Joy! How may I help you today?"
Lilli spoke cheerily, giving the customer no indication that she was sick and tired of reciting that line to every snow-drenched patron to walk through the door on this dreary February afternoon. Instead, she smiled brightly and beautifully, her customary lightheartedness bringing a return smile to the tired businessman.

"Medium sized coffee, with a bit of sugar, please. Make it extra hot."

"Of course! A lot of people have been asking for that today, it’s so cold out!" She replied, hands already moving to make the simple drink. "Here you are! That’ll be $2.38. Have a nice day!" The man responded in kind, and Lilli turned around to double check that they weren’t going to run out of whipped cream any time soon. They had been getting a lot of orders for hot chocolate recently.

She noticed a new patron stepping up to the counter out of the corner of her eye, and in an instant a sunny smile was plastered to her face. ”Hello, and welcome to Morning Joy! How may I help you-“

"Large coffee, black. Extra hot. Make it quick, please." The sharp, accented voice startled Lilli, and she turned around to discover a tall, blonde customer. The young woman wore a gray sweater and a dark blue skirt, her unusually long hair held back with a thin white ribbon. Her features were rounded but sharp, and Lilli, though she blushed to admit it, found her to be exceedingly pretty.

"Quick, I said. I have somewhere to be." The woman said with a tinge of amusement in her voice, and Lilli realized she had been staring.

"Ah- yes, of course! I’m sorry for the delay." Slightly flustered, Lilli set about working, but couldn’t help stealing glances at the woman. Her clipped manner of speaking and accented voice made Lilli curious as to her personality, but the woman did not seem to like wasting her time with unnecessary words. Briefly, Lilli wondered if English was her second language.

Lilli wanted to know more. Perhaps she was an emigrant from a bad place, headed to America in hopes of a better life. Her accent sounded European, indeed, vaguely Russian. Maybe she had lived in one of those small, hunger-stricken countries you hear about on the news. Could she have siblings? An older one to take care of her, but then, she did not seem like the type who needed taking care of. Lilli was well on her way to imagining out a fantastic storybook life, one of intrigue and beauty and romanticized poverty. She could probably have stayed there all afternoon, pouring coffee into a styrofoam cup and dreaming of worlds beyond her reach.

She was so caught up in wondering about this mysterious lady that she almost didn’t notice the coffee overflowing onto her hand, flicking off the machine just in time.

"H- here you are!" Lilli stammered, slamming the over-full cup onto the counter and blushing at her mistake. "Sorry about the wait…"

She glanced up, expecting to see anger, but instead she found a fond smile, lips curling at the corners in a way Lilli did not find unpleasant. The woman reached out for her cup, but, overcome by a sudden impulse, Lilli did not release the coffee.

Instead she smiled sweetly, cheeks still flushed, the picture of perfect innocence, trying to overcome her nervousness at what she was about to do. “Ah, miss, I’d just like to know who I’m giving this to?” The young woman blinked, mouth opening slightly in shock.

"I do not see why this matters- hardly important- but, as it is, a trivial annoyance. Natalia Arlovskaya."

"That’s a very nice name, Miss Natalia. Oh! Let me just put a lid on this, okay?" She said hurriedly, whisking around to fumble with the things behind her.

The lady frowned, her earlier levity evaporated like dew on a hot summer afternoon. “No, that is all right. I do not need a lid.”

"Please, allow me! Wouldn’t want you spilling it, now would we?" Lilly replied shakily, fingers stumbling with the simple materials. Relieved that she hadn’t spilled the drink herself in her sudden panic, Lilli placed the cooling coffee before her slightly confused customer. "That’ll be 3.59. Come back soon!" Lilli met Natalia’s eyes as she said that, and hoped the other understood that she truly meant it. Natalia had caught Lilli’s attention, and- for better or for worse- the young barista had Natalia’s in return.

Thinking of the phone number inked on the side of Natalia’s coffee, Lilli sighed in hopeful anticipation, and prepared herself for another drenched customer.

i have a brother who likes buttfucking people if that counts so

Please introduce us to each other